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7 Twitter Tips to Step Your Tweet Up

Now that you follow a couple of people and looked at some of the trends on Twitter, you might be wondering 'what's next?'

How about uploading some photos using Instagram or linking your Twitter to Facebook? We have some great tips in store for you. 

Upload Photos Using Instagram

You can take photos using your iPhone and upload them directly to your Twitter account. Instagram (did we mention it’s free?) offers 17 cool filters to make your shots look hipper.

  • Press the Camera/Share button.
  • Take a photo.
  • Choose a filter from the menu on the bottom of the screen, then tap Done.
  • Cl ick t he “. . .” but ton on the bottom right below your photo.
  • Press Share Post, then tap the green Share button next to Twitter.
  • Press the blue Check button to upload the Instagram photo.

Tweet More than 140 Characters

Third-party services such as Twit- Longer let you post longer tweets. Go to, click “Sign in with Twitter” and enter your Twitter login info. Write your update, then click Post.

Link Twitter to Facebook

Go into your settings and click Profile, then click “Post your tweets to Facebook” at the bottom of the page and press Save Changes.

Turn Mobile Updates Off

You can turn off all Twitter updates or just receive direct messages on your phone. Text On or Off to your Twitter short code (40404 for the U.S.), or text Off then Set Messages On to just receive DM notifications.

Follow Brands, Save Money

Twitter has allowed a small number of brands to have enhanced profile pages, where users can view photos, videos and messages from advertisers. American Express, for example, replies to individual users’ questions and concerns, and posts helpful videos such as how to use a new program to save money through tweeting at certain locations. Disney Pixar posts quotes from employees, as well as trailers and tips relevant to its movies.

Share Tweets with Friends via Email

Even if your friends don’t follow the same people you do, you can share their tweets through email on your iPhone. Tap the tweet you want to share, then click the arrow button on the right of the menu. Now select Mail Tweet from the pop-up menu and select where you want to email the tweet.

Save Time on Twitter’s Mobile Apps

Using the Android and iPhone Twitter apps, you can use Twitter’s swipe shortcut to reply, favorite and retweet without leaving your timeline. First, select the tweet you want to reply to, favorite or retweet and swipe through the tweet. Then, select which action you’d like to take: Reply, Retweet, Favorite, Tweet, Copy or mail link/tweet or View users’ profile.