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5 Best Instagram Videos The Day After Launch

Since the launch of Video on Instagram yesterday, Instagrammers have shared more than a year’s worth of footage on the social media giant. And that's just eight hours worth of use, according to Instagram’s blog. We're talking more than 8,760 hours worth of 15-second video clips shared by Instagram’s 130-million large community.

In that flood of videos from all over the world, what does it take to create a video that stands out? Some of the bigger brands on Instagram are leading the way. Instead of typical videos that show you around, or feature interviews, they have mastered the new video feature and given it their own quirky takes. Here are the five best videos on Instagram right now.

1. Burberry 
Burberry’s video of their Menswear Spring/Summer 2014 show feels like a professionally taken promotional video and probably is. It is a series of shots of sets, models, close-ups and London’s Big Ben. Incredibly stylistic, this video is indicative of how brands can use Instagram’s new feature to market their products and events.

2. Ebay
In keeping with the artsy feel of Instagram, Ebay’s video is a refreshingly simple yet artistic clip of “#ebay” written in the sand, followed by waves coming in to wash it away before the camera turns to look out at the ocean. Beautiful.

3. ESPN  
Before the final NBA game of the season, ESPN released a pseudo stop-motion video on Instagram that mimics a type-writer effect spelling out the message, “Killing Time Before Game 7.”

4. Lululemon
Yoga gear maker Lululemon’s video has us wondering if they were standing in front of a green screen while shooting their Instagram video. It features a woman performing a short yoga routine while the background changes behind her (and sometimes in front of her). The smoothness of this video is astounding.

5. Visit Copenhagen  
This might not be one of the most creative videos out there, but it certainly offers an interesting and satisfyingly short (not all Instagram videos have to be 15-seconds long, people!) look into what a metro ride in Copenhagen looks like. 

While these may be some of the best videos on Instagram right now, we expect more videos with better and perhaps even new techniques to emerge as the service becomes more mature.

This weekend, Instagram is encouraging its users to share videos of scenes that they would normally photograph, creating “moving photos” in a style reminiscent of animated paintings in the Harry Potter universe. If you think your weekend moving photos should be shared on Instagram's blog, use the hashtag #WHPmovingphotos in your Instagram videos for consideration.