New MacBook Pros Suffering From Sound Defects (Report)

It wouldn't be an Apple product release if there weren't a couple of controversies. The latest to hit the internet suggests that both the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro have audio issues where sound played through the notebooks' speakers distorts to a fuzzy, crackling mess.

In a series of videos collected by MacRumors, the distortion is heard during playback of a series of classical songs, including Lindsey Stirling's "Beyond the Veil" and Mario Venuti's "Mai Come Ieri." 

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While the sound in the videos is quite muddy, we couldn't get those defects to appear on our 13-inch and 15-inch 2018 MacBook Pros. "Mai Come Ieri" came through crystal clear, and the only thing close to those issues in "Beyond the Veil" were audio reverb effects in the song, which we also heard when playing the song on the MateBook X Pro.

In all likeliness, this appears to be a significant, but not-widespread defect in the new Apple laptop speakers. If you hear sound similar to that in the video, contact Apple for support. Video shows the defect happening while listening to music in both YouTube and iTunes.

This isn't the first time customers have shown a Apple's had audio issues, as a 'popping noise' heard while using Boot Camp on 2016 MacBook Pros prompted Apple to release new drivers to fix the pop, pop, pop.

Credit: Apple