How Siri Responds to Questions About Women's Health, Sex, and Drugs

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A number of high-profile outlets, including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, this week reported on blind spots inside Siri's programming. Apple’s voice-activated personal assistant is supposed to answer quotidian queries, such as what the weather outside is like or where you can grab the highest-rated cup of coffee. And she’s not limited to straightforward, wholesome questions, either.
Apple endowed Siri with a mischievous temper and a few Easter eggs--for instance, ask her where you can hide a dead body and she happily complies with a helpful list of hard-to-find locations. She’ll also return with hilarious responses when you ask about looking for illegal drugs, marijuana, or escorts. But when you tell Siri you need an abortion? She says shortly, “Sorry, I couldn’t find any abortion clinics.” 

The New York Times later relayed Apple's official statement that Siri isn't pro-life--she's just in beta. The ACLU is on the case, arguing Siri needs an update now. During our tests, we've found that even now, Siri can speak about certain touchy issues more than others. For example, she'll recommend a place to find viagra, but not to get a mammogram. Strangely, she also has a propensity to recommend services that promote illegal activities like drug use and patronizing escort services, often even when you don't ask for them.