Apple iPhone 5s and 5c

Apple offers two new iPhones for shoppers in the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. The iPhone 5c is an affordable device available in 5 five colors with a bigger battery than the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5s is the powerhouse of the two, with a much faster A7 processor, sharper camera and built-in fingerprint reader. Get all the latest iPhone news, analysis and reviews right here.

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Innovative Technology Justin 3000 mAh Power Case Review

Featuring a built-in stand, the Justin 3000 mAh Power Case boosts your battery life and is handy for FaceTime calls.

Typo iPhone Keyboard Case Review

The Typo iPhone keyboard case looks like a BlackBerry's physical keyboard, but it's not nearly as comfortable or fast.

Apple iPhone 5s (AT&T) Review

The iPhone 5s has a fantastic camera, a speedy A7 processor and a handy fingerprint reader, making it a compact powerhouse.

Google Chrome for iOS Review

We review Google Chrome for iOS, a mobile web browser that brings a better surfing experience with easy-to-use tabs, desktop bookmark syncing and private browsing.

Apple iPhone 4S (Sprint) Review

LAPTOP Magazine reviews the Apple iPhone 4S running on Sprint's 3G network.

Bone Collection Horn Stand Reviewed Review

This battery-free amplifier offers decent audio oomph in a cute, lightweight design.

TextFree Unlimited Review

This iPhone app resembles the device's standard SMS interface and comes with helpful features to boot.

Apple iPhone 3GS Review

Blazing performance, video recording, and longer endurance make the latest iPhone the smart phone to beat.

CES doesn't officially kick off until January 8th, but that hasn't stopped vendors from announcing some of the gear that'll be on the showfloor. The iLuv iMM183 is a dual-dock alarm clock that's compatible with the iPhone 3G and iPod.

iHome iP99 Review

This iPhone-friendly clock radio isn't perfect, but it offers good sound quality and an easy-to-read display.