Smartphone Madness 2013: Nokia Lumia 920 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4

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Game 12: Nokia Lumia 920 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4

We are very close to finalizing the Penultimate 4, now that the Google Nexus 4 has joined the HTC One and BlackBerry Z10. All that's left is for you, sports/smartphone fans, to decide between the Windows Phone 8-powered Nokia Lumia 920 and the much-talked-about Samsung Galaxy S4. Whether we have a three-way Android vs. BlackBerry finals is all up to you and your votes. 

Nokia Lumia 920 versus Samsung Galaxy S4

The Nokia Lumia line is no stranger to the finals of Smartphone Madness. Last year the Nokia Lumia 900 took home the crown. So far, in our competition, the Lumia 920 has proven itself a fierce competitor. In Game 4, the Lumia 920 handily took down the largely unknown Lenovo IdeaPhone K900 with 97.8 percent of the vote. We attribute a lot of that fan support to the Editors' Choice award-winning device's slick and colorful design, superb PureView camera, eye-popping 4.5-inch HD screen, integrated wireless charging and Nokia’s useful preloaded apps. But the S4 competitor is ready to pounce. 

[polldaddy poll=6999320]

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is easily one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year. That's because this 5-inch device packs in more innovative features than any other device. For instance, you can capture videos and photos using the front and back cameras simultaneously, and use hand gestures to do everything from answer calls to skip songs. We also love the 5-inch Super AMOLED display, which fits inside a slimmer and lighter design than the Galaxy S III. Plus, this quad-core Android flagship will be available on all the major carriers. 

It's time to show your team spirit. Are you a Windows Phone 8 die-hard or an Android fanatic? The voting starts now and will go on until Monday, April 1st at 9 a.m. EST. That's when we'll start the semi-final round between the Google Nexus 4 and the BlackBerry Z10. Stay tuned!

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  • ravi Says:

    you need a strong processor to run the laggy android ! Its like lagging is a special feature in the android devices ! But lumia not the case market is still emerging but is truly better and cooler than android . ! Truly i say android to me feels like a china software at its best :p

  • Shirsh Says:

    Lumia - color is innovation........ Brick weight is innovation...... Lol

  • Ashley Jacob Says:

    I liked the promotions for Lumia 920. The camera seems pretty good to me. The only problem is the windows OS which doesn't provide apps as android does. e.g. I use One Browser on my phone for surfing and downloading. It is fast and comes with a download manager too but It's not for windows which sucks! Anyways thanks for the review.

  • Brenda Says:

    I am not a smart phone geek, nor do I want to be. With that said I am going to say this, my first phone was the nokia freebe for signing a contract with a cell phone carrier and if I was to have purchased it without a contract it would have only been $39.00 dollars plus tx. so one of the cheaper models that was back in 2000, since then I have changed carriers a couple of times and unfortunately with the first change I had to give up my nokia and select one from a different carrier and now it is 13 yrs later and at least 8 different brands of phones and not one has ever been even close to my nokia, it was built to last and last and last, I even ran it over with my loaded big rig in a truck stop parking lot and it still worked and didn't even chip the screen, I did have to put the battery back in.
    So I am so looking forward to owning another Nokia that is compatible with my provider.

  • Will Says:

    I love my Lumia 920. Very intuitive and awesome build. The Nokia apps especially "Here Drive" with offline navigation adds significant value to the phone. Coupled with a great camera (with motion/image stabilization), how can anyone vote against the Lumia 920? The phone's OS is just "refreshing" and its the best Smartphone to date bar none. Try it out and see for yourself.

  • r1 Says:

    lol nokia fanboy site,,,, sgs4 is killer phone

  • Jakub M Says:

    Oh please sto whining... There are maany Lumia 920 users that are so happy with their decision to choose this and none other phone. You can just see that in this poll. SGS4? why should anyone vote for it while it's not even out yet?!

    The other thing is, that users happy with other choices than Lumia 920 are simply enjoying them because they have phone from ads in TV. Not just because the phone is better or worse. Lumia users are happy just because the phone is better and that's it. Live with it.

  • Andy Says:

    i thought this is about NL920 vs SG4 not WP vs Android.
    if this about the performance, NL920 is better.
    if about feature, Android better.
    and thats just my opinion.

    i own ln92 and my brother own sg4. we never been fight about this. we are not a fanboy. sometimes we switch our phone just to experiencing the feature n performance. there are plus and minus with our phone. me n my bro not working in nokia/samsung company. so why we need to take this seriously.

  • Gary Says:


    "Let’s face it .. the real final should always have been the SG4 vs the HTC One .. we all know it. Nothing else even gets close to them."

    100% Correct !

    The Htc One is one of the nicest phones I have seen in ages...........but I just got my Nexus 4 a while ago so would find it hard to justify changing so soon even if the Nexus is the best value smartphone on the planet........but its soooo tempting :D

  • Kevin Salt Says:

    Let's face it .. the real final should always have been the SG4 vs the HTC One .. we all know it. Nothing else even gets close to them.

  • Kevin Salt Says:

    What a parody of a poll. I don't care whether one phone is better than the other in this race because I wouldn't buy either ... but to see the shameless manipulation of the voting by Microsoft/Nokia people .. whether staff or fans ... is a complete travesty.

    Nokia and Windows should be excluded from any further competitions until either they, or the people running the polls, get their act together.

    This stopped being a competition and started being a joke today ..

  • phuc Says:

    Lumia 920

  • fz Says:

    can you use your s4 as a hammer? can you use it with gloves on? haha

  • Flux Says:

    "The fact that there are so many Lumia voters here should tell you that Lumia does indeed have something to offer"

    no my friend, it just tells me that Nokia has way more emplyies with to much time on theire hand - thats all

    Its a fine product. But no pretty cyon nor good camera can change the fact that the Plattfom is a non starterand will stay so. Why is Microsoft themselfes not really investing in the eco system? Why not pay Instagramm to do an App, why dont do an exclusive Halo or GOW, why instead do they do Smartglass for Android and Office for iOS? Because its a lost course. And they are taking Nokia down with it by use of their sleeper Agent why Nokia could rock the world with Android. Sad story

  • mag Says:

    but seriously, am sure lumia fanboy knows what the S4 is capable of. if lumia can do half of what the s4 is capable of it will surely lag. you guys are just deviant. just watch one review of the s4 before coming here to fight ignorantly. you guys seem to forget the lumia is also heavy AF and the S4 comes with a better screen, battery, and even camera. if you disagree with this, give me freaking proof

  • kem Says:

    Ahhh... Galaxy s4 .. 8 cores .. Wasting battery... Oh god i don't need 8 cores but i need performance ... Even this laggy android needs 8 cores... Oh get i don't need 8 cores but i need performance

  • Chase Says:

    So it looks like there's one vote for every 920 owner in existence while the S4 will sell millions.

  • Tim Says:


    You collected that list with android-glasses on and you have never owned NL920. That same list you can copy from every android -fansite. You have to try NL920 and you never come back to android.

  • Cuthbert Says:


    "go ahead and try a WP8 or better a NL920"

    I did, and I returned a Lumia 920 after 8 days as it had no freaking apps, and It was buggy as hell

    no BBC iPlayer,
    no Sky Go Player,
    No Instagram,
    No Youtube App
    Skype on WP sucks
    my local bank had android & ios app but no WP app,
    all the games were old and crap,
    could only attach one file to an email,
    couldn't attach a pdf to an email,
    couldn't set different ringtones for sms, texts, alerts etc
    My live tiles froze/crashed and drained the battery in a couple of hours
    random reboots
    No Gmail Sync

    Go to Nokia support, and see all the complaints, hell even wmpoweruser done a poll the other day and over 20% of Lumia 920's were returned, with 10% being returned multiple times, several people were on their 5th Lumia in a few months, hell even Paul Thurrot was sent a faulty unit to review

    Now a recall by Nokia to fix dust getting inside the phone and stopping sensors working and blurring the camers, the advide - Dont put your phone in your pocket, you tcouldn't make it up.

    Should I go on ?

    And you are telling people to switch !?!?! wise up will ya.

    Oh yes why does every WP/Nokia fan site link to this and get hordes of fanbois to skew voting ??? lol 8,000 votes on this poll or 10 million pre-orders in 2 weeks for the S4.........which one really matters ?

  • Leon Says:

    To everyone who is saying "whooo, Lumia fanboys...". Nothing is stopping Android users from voting or coming here. The fact that there are so many Lumia voters here should tell you that Lumia does indeed have something to offer in order to spike this kind of passion for it. I've used Android before and it's a very respectable OS but ever since I've switched, I dont see myself going back.

    These votes should tell you something about Lumia, instead of complaining "everyone here are just fanboys", go ahead and try a WP8 or better a NL920 and perhaps you can see why there's this kind of voting on the Lumia's side

  • Flux Says:

    no seriously - this IS manipulated. How come there are 10 times more voters in this one than in the other battles alsthough every Samsung fone outsells Nokia 10:1? Who are you guys trying to bs?

  • yokes Says:

    you have to realize there's something wrong. it is not fanboys but some HACK that is why the lumia keeps winning (including last years!)

  • Zig Says:

    HEY SFGSFG!!! Tell her to take Power Save Mode off!!! It restricts the CPU from Max Frequency. SMH!

  • mag Says:

    something is wrong with this extreme votes. its only in lumia cases votes reach thousands. am not saying the s4 is better, i'm just saying something aint right with the votes

  • mag Says:

    this vote is freaking rigged. how will a simple lumia overshadow the king of the android market.

  • Lumia920 I loveyou! Says:

    The Nokia my favorites, windowsphone election lumia920!

  • cactus Says:

    Lumia 920

  • supernova Says:

    Some companies I respect, companies that innovate, some companies don't just copy and paste, patent more innovations than the rest of all other companies together. and share the innovations with other manufacturers to benefit everyone. that's right this company this brand is Nokia. Lumia 920 owner.

  • Cukieu Says:

    definitely, NOKIA LUMIA 920.

  • HoldEm Says:

    Nokia fans just like Nokia faked it PureView camera demo with a big DSLR.

  • gmtan Says:

    Lumia 920 & windowsphone 8. Win!!!!

  • Dave Says:


    "Brilliant. Fully support the Lumia 920, with all the innovation that Nokia has done rather than reusing the same design over and over again on"

    Like the way the 920 is the same as the 900 which of course is the same as Nokia's meego Phone the N9...............

  • Seven Says:

    Aa a side note, the final is going to be the lumia vs the Z10. Only in this virtual world will they be battling to be the best phone out there, so let their fanboys feel their fake sense of accomplishment

  • Seven Says:

    i love how you guys are trying to justify this bs. As someone pointed out earlier, every single poll had a total barely over a 1000, except for the lumia. Every single vote it gets almost 10000 votes no matter who it's against. What kind of nonsense is this? For the integrity and credibility of laptopmag, they should discredit the vote completely. Happened last year as well with the lumia. Before that it was the blackberry fan army showing up and voting in the thousands. Laptopmag should care about getting real results and filtering the bs, instead of the insane traffic they get

  • kem Says:

    Yey yey... Windows phone.. Yey yey Lumia..... Nokia nokia.. Come on windows phone...

  • Thanh Says:

    I love lumia 920

  • King Nguyen Says:

    Just Nokia Lumia.

  • Troy Says:

    To all the complainers of Lumia's votes - there's nothing stopping Android fans from showing up in droves. With all of its crazy market share Samsung and android should both have more fans out there to lure in. Maybe - just maybe - Lumia 920 is better than you realize and this vote shows you might be missing out on a better experience.

  • Mikado_wu Says:

    Am I a Nokia fan boy. Yes. For the Record, this is my First Nokia.

    I have had over 50 Cell phones in my carrier, Many of them LGs and HTCs. When I say the 920 is the best Phone I have ever Had, I mean it.

    I had 2 androids and over 3 years, neither of them were ever updated by the Manufacture.

    Nokia, has been update crazy, we see new features Monthly..

    I have converted many android and iPhone Users over, once they see how Well WP8 really Works.

  • Annabel Says:

    I love my LUMIA 920!!!!

  • Flux Says:

    Seriously, there is something fishy here. All the battles have like 500 Vote in total but whenever the Lumia is on stage its like 8000? Is this the whole campus in Espoo doing this in the lunchbrake or some roughe fanboy with a script?

    Dont get me wrong, i think the Lumia 920 is a better phone than that S4 but this is not right

    Laptopmag Admins, are you guzys looking into this? Thanks

  • newbie Says:

    lumia the best

  • fz Says:

    what has samsung proved so far? Haha that OS your samsung has is the same OS that LG, htc, china fones are using so Nothing special You samsung fantards.

  • Kinzo Says:

    lumia 920 win

  • sfgsfg Says:

    just read about the S4 having 8 cores. What the actual f*ck? I bet my hands Lumia 520 (not 920) runs smoother and faster than an S4 (the OS, not apps). My friend has an S3 that was butter smooth but now after 5 months it lags like hell.

    What do you need an 8 core processor for? make sure Android doesn't lag? play the latest games? Games on mobile are a fad anyway, play 1 hour the battery is dead, and of course your GODDAMN FINGERS COVER THE ENTIRE SCREEN.

    Yes people, go buy that 8 core POS while we laugh from a distance.

  • chaichana Says:

    Love Lumia 920

  • gabriel Says:

    go go nokia!! *-----------------------*

  • Jane Says:

    I like Lumia 920very much.

  • Boss Says:

    I love Lumia the spacial options and design for technology

  • Hung Tran Says:

    Andorid Stupid vs copycat company. :))

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