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PS5 won't be region-locked: What that means for you

(Image credit: Future)

Sony published a large FAQ before the upcoming November 12th PlayStation 5 launch. Revealed within is the news that the new PS5 will not be region locked and users can play games released outside of their immediate locales. 

Having the ability to play games from other countries is very exciting, to say the least. If a new title is released in Japan, gamers in the United States will also have access to that game without regional restrictions. 

In other fun news, thanks to the FAQ, we learned that the PS5 will be able to play older PS3 and PS2 titles via Sony's PlayStation Now cloud gaming service. Which truly expands the amount of games available to play on the PS5. 

Sony has previously stated that most of the PS4's 4,000 games will be playable on the PS5. Early reports say that not only are you able to play PS4 games but they look and play better on the PS5. 

Sony also announced that with PlayStation Plus Collection PS5 owners can play a bundle of over 15 “generation-defining”  PS4 games. Sony states that "[y]ou’ll download and play these games directly , they're not based on a streaming service. Sony concluded by stating " the entire collection will be available when the PS5 launches on November 12th".