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MacBooks with M1 get browser upgrade — forget Safari and Chrome

Microsoft Edge
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Microsoft Edge has always been available for Apple's shiny M1 Mac, but the latest update from the web browser optimizes it for Macs with Apple M1 chips.

Users will now have the option to pick which Edge browser to download on their Mac; there is one version for Intel chips and the other for Macs with Apple chips on the most recent M1 Mac models.

The beta, released a few weeks ago, showed how the Edge browser would be made for M1's ARM architecture, and now Microsoft boasts that Edge has been "tailored for macOS." Although the Rosetta 2 translation software is made to run many x86 programs, like Edge, native apps almost always perform better than those being emulated. 

How to download Microsoft Edge for M1 Macs

Microsoft Edge

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Installing Edge is a simple job, but it may mean reinstalling Microsoft Edge for your Mac. Head over to the Microsoft website to download the client for macOS.

You'll be asked which version is best for your Mac. Have an M1 Apple chip? That's the option to click. Follow the rest of the setup instructions and you'll be good to go with an optimized Microsoft Edge browser. It's super easy.

Edge is a Chromium-based browser, which means those who are used to using Chrome won't need to make major adjustments if you're switching from Google to Microsoft. The next question, of course, is should you? Find out which is best: Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge in our detailed face-off.