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iPhone 12 repairs are not so easy — what you need to know

iPhone 12 review
(Image credit: Laptop Mag)

After releasing its recent teardown video, iFixit has reported issues with making iPhone 12 repairs. Kevin Purdy at iFixit states "Apple, by design or neglect or both, is making it extremely hard to repair an iPhone without their blessing."

Youtuber Hugh Jeffreys even put out a video titled "iPhone 12 Anti Repair Design" where he discusses at length the issues involved when trying to repair the latest iPhone iteration. During Jeffreys' 16-minute video, he demonstrates the several issues incurred when trying to make repairs.

Furthermore, during iFixit's teardown video, the issues with trying to repair the iPhone 12's cameras are painfully obvious. It seems that any repairs to the iPhone 12's cameras are met with multiple issues, making the camera nearly unserviceable. 

Apple has put out repair guides and manuals for third-party repair groups, and in a recently released statement, the company said "We are committed to giving our customers more options and locations for safe and reliable repairs. Our new independent repair provider program is designed to give repair businesses of all sizes access to genuine parts, training and tools needed to perform the most common iPhone repairs."

It continues, "These service providers have access to the same tools and repair manuals used by Apple and Authorized Service Providers (AASPs)."

Whatever the issues are, we assume that  Apple will eventually have to address them to ensure that the iPhone 12 is a long terms success.