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iOS 14.5 update will finally fix this annoying iPhone music feature

AirPods Max
(Image credit: Apple)

When Apple rolls out its huge iOS and iPadOS 14.5 update, it will finally lets users change the default music streaming platform when asking Siri to play music. Praise be.

This means that instead of users having to request songs through Apple Music when using Siri, they can start using third-party music streaming services such as Spotify or YouTube Music as Siri's default. Essentially, now we're able to search for our favourite tune without having to say to Siri "...on Spotify" at the end of our requests.

As spotted on Reddit (Via Mac Rumours), beta testers and developers noticed they were given a list of services to select as their default. Those include third-party music streaming services to Apple Podcasts to Books — an even nicer touch for the avid podcast listeners out there.

The selection of services will first pop-up when a user asks ‌Siri‌ to play a song in iOS 14.5 for the first time. It was also noted that users could ask Siri to change their default music streaming service.

However, some users have reported that the service isn't consistent so far, as it will sometimes go back to using Apple Music. The iOS 14.5 update is still in beta, so it just needs to work out a few kinks.

Apple's all-new iOS 14.5 update brings a host of upgrades we're keen on, including PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers being made compatible with iPhones, along with a whole new privacy feature that lets you control who can track your data. The iPhone 12 just keeps getting better.