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Google Docs update improves collaboration: Here’s how

Google Docs update
(Image credit: Google )

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Google Docs has made collaborating on documents with colleagues much simpler. Thanks to a recent update, working with others is getting even easier so you can be more productive. 

A new update announced on the Google workspace blog will make it easier to view who has been editing or making changes to a shared document. The update provides users with a more detailed timeline of information and edit history.

Using this function is as easy as highlighting an area of text, right-clicking, and then selecting Show Editors from the drop-down menu. Google Docs will show you who has been editing the document and a timestamp of when the edit occurred.  

Google has also added the ability to peruse the Version History of a said document to keep track of the changes made. With this update, Google makes it much easier to track changes while using the Show Editors feature and lets users know who is changing what and when they were made. When collaborating on documents with a team, all this information improves workflow by giving collaborators constant updates in real-time. 

Google constantly updates its Docs suite granting it great compatibility with other document-creating software and, in doing so, has created a loyal customer base from the average user to corporations the world over. Google Docs has added many features over the years, such as speech to text and the ability to edit Microsoft Office files.