Looking for ChatGPT alternatives? Try these 5 services that might be better for your needs

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Which AI chatbot service is right for you? OpenAI's ChatGPT has made an incredible impact since its debut in late 2022, but there are alternatives to ChatGPT. (Image credit: Adobe Photoshop Generative Fill/Future AI Image)

At Apple's WWDC 2024 event, the world learned about a compelling partnership between Apple and OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT powered by GPT-4o into Apple devices and services. Along with Apple Intelligence, this move could potentially bring Apple's Siri — which has famously lagged behind the competition — from the back of the pack into the lead.

While it may seem that there are no other AI chatbots besides ChatGPT, that's simply not the case. 

If you don't want to use ChatGPT or you just want to try out a different AI chatbot to see if it better suits your needs, check out these 5 fantastic ChatGPT alternatives powered by various large language models (LLMs). 

5. Microsoft Copilot 

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(Image credit: Future)

Copilot is perhaps the closest sibling to ChatGPT, but it's certainly a different experience to use Copilot vs ChatGPT.

Microsoft has a "long-term partnership with OpenAI," the company behind ChatGPT, and calls it a "multiyear, multibillion-dollar investment to accelerate AI breakthroughs." In addition to using OpenAI's ChatGPT LLM, Copilot utilizes Microsoft's Prometheus model and OpenAI's DALL-E 3 model.

You can ask Copilot to answer any question that's on your mind, create AI-generated images, rephrase an email response, make a vacation itinerary, and more. And if you have a new AI PC, it'll come with an easy-access Copilot key on the keyboard.

4. Perplexity AI

perplexity ai logo

(Image credit: Perplexity AI)

Perplexity is a simple, easy-to-use chatbot and search engine, making it a fantastic AI tool for college students

The company's default Perplexity AI model powers all your searches when you use Perplexity for free. If you upgrade to the Pro version for $20 per month, you can select your preferred AI model between GPT-4o, Claude-3, Sonar Large (LLaMa 3), and more.

The free version allows you unlimited Quick and 5 Pro searches daily. The paid version offers unlimited Quick searches, but it provides access to 600 Pro searches daily and the ability to upload and analyze unlimited files. Through Perplexity Pro, you can also "visualize up to 50 answers a day" with Playground AI, DALL-E, SDXL, and other models.

3. Chatsonic

chatsonic logo

(Image credit: Writesonic)

Chatsonic prides itself on being "like ChatGPT with superpowers." It offers plenty of free queries if you're on a budget. It's best used for chatting and looking up detailed responses to questions.

According to its site, Chatsonic utilizes "a model-agnostic LLM framework" that allows it to work with multiple LLMs, including GPT-4, Claude 3, and Gemini. 

You can create a free account and start a free trial with no credit card details required, and you'll get up to 25 generations per day. Gaining access to unlimited generations daily will cost you between $12 and $15 per month, depending on whether you pay annually or monthly.

2. Google Gemini

google gemini ai app

(Image credit: Google)

At Google I/O 2024 in May, the company revealed new details about its upgraded Gemini 1.5 Pro model and what to expect from its Gemini chatbot. According to Google, Gemini could help you return items and schedule pickups for them, update your address with different services when you move, and, of course, answer questions with plenty of detail like ChatGPT. 

Google's paid Gemini chatbot uses the company's proprietary Gemini 1.5 Pro model, which, according to Google, is capable of "code and text generation, text editing, problem-solving, and data extraction and generation."

The free version of Gemini is powered by Google's Gemini 1.0 Pro model, capable of "natural language tasks, multi-turn text and code chat, and code generation." It's not as powerful as Google's paid chatbot, but it's seemingly more full-featured than OpenAI's free ChatGPT.

1. Anthropic Claude 3

anthropic claude 3 logo

(Image credit: Anthropic)

Claude 3 from Anthropic is an excellent alternative to ChatGPT. Tom's Guide even says it beats OpenAI's GPT-4 in most benchmarks and calls it "the most capable AI model on the market today." 

The free version of Claude 3 is powered with Anthropic's mid-tier Sonnet AI model. In contrast, the paid version ($20 per month) uses the company's most potent and intelligent Opus AI model. According to Anthropic, this model "exhibits near-human levels of comprehension and fluency on complex tasks, leading the frontier of general intelligence."

Throw any question or request you have at Claude 3, and you'll receive a well-organized, detailed response that sounds like it came from a natural person.

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