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Steganos Secure Traveler Review

Our Verdict

This suite will keep data safe when traveling or connecting to hotspots.

Steganos knows that these days it's all about traveling safely. To that end, the recently released Secure Traveler suite helps road warriors protect their notebooks' data from unauthorized access, loss, or theft.

We downloaded the suite to find a main menu of the six programs: Steganos Secure VPN, Safe, Portable Safe, Shredder, Password-Manager, and AntiTheft. After playing around with the hefty amount of options, we found the Secure VPN, AntiTheft, and Password-Manager tools to be the most compelling when it comes to traveler safety and convenience.

Designed for notebook users who frequently connect to open Wi-Fi hotspots, the Secure VPN tool creates an encrypted tunnel to the Internet using a 128-bit SSL connection; all data passing through the VPN is blocked from ISPs, hackers, and Wi-Fi-hotspot operators. The program automatically connects to the encrypted server and allows you to see details of the connection, including the IP address and traffic consumption. A small icon appears in your system tray, letting you know you're securely connected and that your e-mail, e-mail passwords, business data, and messaging chats are safe on the road.

The Steganos AntiTheft feature helps protect against the physical robbery of your notebook. When the program is activated, the computer receives an assigned ID and regularly sends a signal to the Steganos AntiTheft server with that code. If your laptop is stolen or lost, you can enter the system's ID at the Steganos Web site to see the IP addresses of where the computer was used in the last 30 days. This information, combined with your detective skills, can help you track down the computer thief.

Constantly forgetting your passwords and user names? The Password-Manager is an excellent tool for anyone who suffers from password amnesia. The program organizes passwords in an encrypted list, which requires only a single password to open. As soon as you open a Web site that requires a password and user name, the password manager launches and enters the information securely. We especially like the PicPass option, which uses a sequence of pictures as a password.

Although we found some tools more useful than others, Steganos Secure Traveler gives you the protection you need while on the road or at home.

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