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Evernote for Mac Review

Our Verdict

This auto-syncing digital junk drawer keeps your notes, images, and ideas organized.


  • Syncs across all devices
  • Searches contents of images
  • Creates new notes easily


  • Web page clipping looks clunky with FireFox plug-in (works fine with Safari)
  • Screenshot options difficult to find

Shortly after the Mac App Store launched in early January, Evernote's CEO Phil Libin posted a chart showing that Evernote had been downloaded 90,000 times within the first 48 hours of the store's opening. About 40,000 of those downloads were new users. If this doesn't speak to both the instant popularity of the Mac App Store and Evernote, we don't know what does.

Evernote is like a digital Trapper Keeper. Add notes, images, links, or clippings from websites to the app from your Mac or smart phone and Evernote automatically syncs it across all of your devices. Add tags to further organize your notes or just use Evernote's search functionality. Once it's synced, all of your data is searchable.

The free version of the app we tested is limited to 60MB of data a month, which is generous. We only used about 5MB during our testing. If you need more storage, Evernote offers 1GB for $4.99 per month or $44.99 per year; this price tier also includes PDF searching and support for more file types.

One especially cool feature is that Evernote's servers try to make most of the text in your images searchable. We took a picture of a remote and soda can sitting on a coffee table using the Evernote software with our Android phone. When the synced picture appeared in Evernote on our MacBook Pro a few minutes later, we were able to call up the image by searching for words in it. This mostly worked. Evernote correctly identified "Comcast" on our remote, but missed "Sprite" and "Zero" on the soda can.

Our only gripe with Evernote for Mac is that adding web clips and images is a little clunky using the FireFox plugin. After clipping a web page, the page appears in all text in a new window, but it also appears in the main Evernote window. We wish it would appear like the actual web page we copied. When we tested this using the Safari plugin, web pages appeared normally. Interestingly enough, there are keyboard shortcuts for creating notes from open windows on your Mac or even the whole screen, but there isn't a corresponding button or menu option. The only mention of these shortcuts was in the preferences menu.

Overall, Evernote is a great tool for staying organized and keeping track of everything from ideas to recipes to even business cards, and we love the ease with which it syncs from our Mac to other devices. While we wish Evernote captured the full images of web pages instead of just the text, it's an indispensable tool for all your digital odds and ends.

Tech Specs

Company Website
Software Required OS:Mac OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard
Software TypeUtilities