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Newton Peripherals MoGo Presenter Mouse X54 Review

Our Verdict

This Bluetooth mouse doubles as a pointing device and charges inside your ExpressCard slot.


  • Stores and charges inside the ExpressCard/54 slot
  • Doubles as a pointing device


  • Not comfortable during extended use

The MoGo Presenter Mouse X54, by Newton Peripherals, is a pint-size Bluetooth mouse that doubles as a pointing device. In addition to being compact and convenient, it charges in your ExpressCard/54 slot and automatically turns off while charging. We only wish it were more comfortable to use.

Slim Design

So, theMacBook Aircan fit inside a manila envelope. The X54, at just 0.2 inches thick, fits inside your ExpressCard/54 slot, where it charges. It's a neat idea, particularly for road warriors, for whom every ounce of bag weight counts. But the miniaturized design also makes for poor ergonomics. The matte silver face is a little more than 2 inches wide, and the two-finger grooves are small. What's more, there's a panel in between them, so your fingers get even less room.

This panel contains touch-sensitive icons for the laser pointer, the scroll strip, Start/Escape Slideshow, and Blank Screen. On the back side is a button that, when held down, puts the mouse into pairing mode. This button also allows users to switch between normal mouse use and presentation modes.


Although the touch buttons are tactile and not too noisy, the mouse just isn't comfortable to use. It's as flat and thin as anything you'd put in an ExpressCard slot, which isn't how a mouse should feel; we'd prefer something that conforms to the shape of our hand.

You can use the scroll strip in the center in two ways. First, you can press your finger into it and drag up or down to move through pages. Or you can tap on the individual up or down arrows to scroll more slowly. Getting the hang of it took a few tries, but once we understood how much pressure was required, we were good to go.

Since a presentation mouse this tiny is likely to appeal to mobile professionals, we were curious to see what surfaces it would work on. After all, the last thing a harried road warrior needs is to remember to pack a mousepad. On our tests, we were able to use the mouse on our desk without a pad, as well as on wood and metal surfaces.

The X54 has a claimed Bluetooth range of 30 feet, and indeed the mouse continued to respond easily at that distance.

Presentation Helper

To enter Presenter mode, press the Mode button on the back of the mouse. You know you're in Presenter mode when the laser pointer at the top glows red (in normal mode, it slowly blinks blue). We used the X54 to control a PowerPoint presentation; in this mode, the left and right touch buttons on the mouse skip backward and forward through slides, respectively, an intuitive setup. In order to start or end a presentation, we had to double-tap the corresponding icons on the mouse. Most of the time, the buttons worked reliably, but occasionally we had to press harder.

The laser pointer button at the top works well, although the laser is hard to see on computer monitors. However, you shouldn't have a problem if you plan on hooking up your laptop to a projector and using a screen instead.

MoGo Presenter Mouse X54 Verdict

In many ways, the MoGo Presenter Mouse X54 is the ultimate road warrior accessory: pint-size, stows and charges inside a notebook, and doubles as a pointing device for presentations. So long as you're okay using your notebook's (likely) more-ergonomic mouse and touchpad for extended sessions, it's a useful accessory for mobile professionals.

Tech Specs

Size3.1 x 2.1 x 0.2 inches
Weight0.5 ounces
BrandNewton Peripherals
Accessories TypeBluetooth Device, Mice