Windows 11 update is crashing PCs with Blue Screen of Death — here's the fix

Windows 11 fail
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Windows 11 22H2, unleashed to the public on Sept. 20, needs to be placed back in the cage it came from. The rough-around-the-edges update is wrecking PCs. Not only has it been dropping frame rates for Nvidia GPU-owning gamers, but it's also causing the disastrous Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) for some users.

PCs outfitted with Rocket Lake processors, the previous-generation 11th Gen CPUs, are affected, according to our sister site TechRadar. If you've been experiencing this issue, don't worry; there is a fix.

Why is the Windows 11 update causing the Blue Screen of Death?

The Windows 11 22H2 update has an incompatibility issue with some Intel Smart Sound Technology (SST) audio drivers on Rocket Lake processors. More specifically, according to a Microsoft report published on Sept. 22, driver IntcAudioBus.sys with a file version of or is the culprit. As a result, users are getting the BSoD, a stop error that causes the system to shut down due to a fatal failure.

What, exactly, is an Intel SST audio driver? It's an integrated digital signal processor that manages voice, speech and audio interactions. If you want to determine whether you have this feature, navigate to Device Manager and search for Intel® Smart Sound Technology (Intel® SST) Audio Controller.

Thankfully, Microsoft took steps to block affected PCs from the incompatible Windows 11 update, according to Windows Latest

How to fix Windows 11 update Blue Screen of Death

To fix this BSoD issue, Microsoft recommends updating the affected Intel SST driver, which depends on your system's manufacturer. Head to your OEM's website for an update or navigate to Settings > Update and Security > Windows Update > View Optional Updates.

After updating to a version newer than or, users should now have the opportunity to bypass the block and update Windows 11 without any issues. 

According to Windows Latest, Microsoft is working on rolling out a new update that addresses Windows 11 22H2's horrendous problems.

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