Windows 11 has 24 new wallpapers — and some are absolutely stunning

Windows 11
(Image credit: @ChangeWindows)

The Windows 11 reveal is around the corner, but you don't have to wait 'til next week to get a glimpse of the new OS. @ChangeWindows leaked an eye-catching set of new Windows 11 wallpapers that sparked excitement for what Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says is the "most significant update" in a decade.

There's a Windows 11 wallpaper for everyone. If you love Pringles, there's a desktop design that's reminiscent of the addicting chips. If you prefer a peaceful, calming landscape, there's a background picture for you, too.

The Windows 11 default background wallpaper

The default background wallpaper, according to The Verge, is what looks like a piece of soft, blue fabric folded to resemble a rose. There are dark and light modes of the same wallpaper.

The bold image is a nice departure from the hero images of Windows 8 (two daisies) and Windows 10 (a luminous Windows logo).

Windows 10 logo

Windows 10 logo (Image credit: Microsoft)

The Windows 11 wallpaper leak consists of a OneDrive folder with 24 brand-spankin' new backgrounds. Check out these five landscape backgrounds that depict the sun in different positions in the sky.

Windows 11 users who prefer more upbeat, colorful backgrounds may gravitate toward the Pringles wallpaper, the chaotic lava lamp design, or the vivid ribbon picture.

If you prefer celestial backgrounds with a pop of color, you'll love the lunar-inspired Windows 11 wallpapers.

There are also several skins for the new Windows 11 on-screen keyboard that seem to take their inspiration from the fabric-like default wallpaper.

This conversation-stimulating, Windows 11 wallpaper collection is just the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned for our coverage of the upcoming Windows 11 reveal event, slated for Thursday, June 24 at 11 a.m. EST, for more juicy news about the new OS.

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