This paid ChatGPT feature just became free for all!

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ChatGPT’s latest update has made a popular premium feature free to everyone – though, sadly, it’s not GPT 4.0! Previously, Custom Instructions was a feature previously locked behind the ChatGPT Plus paywall which allowed users to gain more control over how the AI responds as well as how much it knows about you between conversations.

Now available to ChatGPT users of all tiers, OpenAI’s chatbot is able to provide a more tailored experience to all.

ChatGPT Custom Instructions: I did it AI way 

Custom Instructions allow you to pre-populate ChatGPT with contextual knowledge of who you are, where you live, what you do for a living, and even your interests and goals. The information you provide helps ChatGPT formulate more personalized responses to your queries.

In an example used by OpenAI, a 3rd Grade teacher using ChatGPT to help create a lesson plan would no longer be required to repeat they’re teaching 3rd Graders everytime they ask for assistance. Simply including this bit of information in the Custom Instructions field would allow ChatGPT to assume that when asked about lesson plans it should aim for something suitable for children between the ages of eight and nine.

Custom Instructions also allow you to direct ChatGPT on how to provide answers that suit you best. If you prefer simpler, easier-to-comprehend results, you could instruct ChatGPT to use more plain language, make use of step-by-step instructions, or include visual elements like tables to help quickly decipher information.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for in depth answers to prompts, you can now instruct ChatGPT to go all in on the technical side of things – letting the expert-level jargon flow freely.


A few key details can allow Custom Instructions to fine-tune ChatGPT’s responses, but more detailed instructions can be used to completely tailor the chatbot’s personality. This level of customization can allow you to create the digital assistant or artificial ally of your dreams with the feature carrying over between all new chats – maintaining a familiar personality to greet you with each new topic.

ChatGPT’s Custom Instructions feature is now available for all users to tinker with, though currently unavailable in the E.U. and U.K. (thankfully VPNs exist).

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