The iPhone 5 — How Did We Get Here?

Coming fresh off a legal victory, Apple might be surprised to learn that the "smartphone" concept was patented in 1973.

Getting to the iPhone 5 was a four-decade journey. It's a long way from ideas to execution, from prototypes to products. One thing that's clear: For as long as we've had computers and cellphones, we've looked for ways to merge them — to have all our information and all our connections in one place.

In light of the legal hubbub — Apple vs. Samsung, Apple vs. Google — it's important to remember that no single company can invent an entire class of products. But at the same time, Apple has had a gigantic role in moving the smartphone world forward — employing the latest and greatest technologies and wrapping them in beautiful design with a intuitive interfaces.

In reading down this timeline, the great leap in innovation thanks to Apple's contribution is impossible to miss. 

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