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Samsung to create the world's first 90Hz OLED screens for laptops

Laptop Mag
(Image credit: Laptop Mag)

Samsung announced today that it will be mass-producing the world’s first 90Hz OLED laptops, and production is set to begin at the start of March 2021.

According to Business Wire, "several global IT companies" will be initially releasing 14-inch, 90Hz OLED laptops or notebooks later this year. There is no mention of which brands will be releasing the unique displays.

Samsung Display has been testing the faster refresh rates, and apparently, it will be "on par" with 120Hz LCD screens. This isn't surprising seeing as OLED screens tend to have panels with better refresh rates than LCDs, although at the cost of needing more powerful specs.

Samsung also tested the 90Hz OLED screens blur length in comparison with a 120Hz LCD screen. The results saw OLED screens with 0.9mm smear while LCD fared worse at 1mm. A lower refresh rate with a smaller blur length? Samsung's 90hz OLED screens could end up being a popular choice for laptop users. 

“OLED display panels can best satisfy the diverse consumer needs for laptops used in telework, online education, video streaming, and gaming,” the company said in a statement.

Samsung is no stranger to OLED screens, being the global leader in the display market, so stating that it will "mass produce" these unique screens means we could see many laptop and notebook brands introducing them in 2021.

Higher OLED screen refresh rates on laptops have definitely piqued our interest, but we'll have to see if it will outclass the already impressive list of best OLED laptops of 2021.