OLPC To Run Parallels…Sort of.

There are absolutely no reports of Apple teaming up with One Laptop Per Child. If you think they should, let Fake Steve Jobs know. He loves OLPC or "freetards" with all his heart. But there is finally some movement on the operating system front. IDG is reporting that Microsoft and OLPC are working together to provide a “dual-boot system” to put both OLPC's Sugar Linux OS and Windows on the laptops. The article quotes Nicholas Negroponte: "We are working with them very closely to make a dual-boot system so that, like on an Apple, you can boot either one up. The version that's up and running of Windows on the XO is very fast; it's very, very successful. We're working very hard to do both." First question that comes to mind: how the heck is XP running “very fast” on the little machine? Have they increased the RAM? Changed the processor? Is the machine they have on 'roids? One of our complaints about the Sugar operating system was that it at times it was painfully slow to launch a browser or Write document. BetaNews must have been skeptical too. According to them XP and Sugar won't dual boot on the XO, but it will be an XP only machine. That makes a bit more sense given the hardware specs. When all is said and done and the XO runs XP, maybe the Classmate or "the other woman" won't be so tempting anymore. Update: Rather than wait for XP, Linux lovers can install Ubuntu on their XO.