MSI accidentally revealed a 14th Gen Intel laptop CPU at Computex — Meteor Lake in the wild

MSI Prestige 16 Studio running a 14th Gen Intel Core i7 CPU - months ahead of release!
(Image credit: Future)

Computex 2023 is into its final days, but the biggest news of the entire event just broke — a company accidentally leaking the new 14th Gen Intel laptop CPU months before anyone was supposed to know about it!

As found by Tom’s Hardware, the MSI Prestige 16 Studio on the company’s stand was said to feature the “Latest Intel Core i7 processor.” But one quick look at the device manager of the Prestige 16 Studio display laptop on MSI’s stand and you can see it is running Intel’s upcoming Meteor Lake processor — the 14th generation chipset.

Meet the Intel Core i7-14700H?

Let’s take a further look into what was seen here. A 16-core processor with 22 threads seems to fall in line with the logical progression of the H series CPU (the Intel Core i7-13700H has 14 cores and 20 threads). 

Going into further details, the split of these cores is six performance, eight efficiency, and a further two efficiency cores that sit inside the SoC tile itself. As for speed, the device manager revealed a clock of 3.1GHz — up from the 2.4GHz of the 13700H.

Of course, this specific number is up for debate as to whether it will feature in the final spec. But everything is looking towards an impressive step up from previous.


And there you have it: one of the more fascinating accidental leaks of the show. We’re not entirely sure how this has happened (maybe a manufacturing spec model was shipped accidentally to the show floor), but months ahead of any announcement, we just got a glimpse of Meteor Lake.

Out of curiosity, I did go back and take a look at this myself, and as it turns out, the laptop has been very quickly switched. Gee, I wonder why!

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