Microsoft reportedly working on own silicon to challenge Apple in time for Windows 12

Microsoft reportedly working on own silicon to challenge Apple in time for Windows 12
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Microsoft is not only busying itself building out Windows 12, but now the tech giant is rumored to be working on a new ARM CPU to challenge Apple's M series. According to a report from Windows Latest, an in-house "Microsoft Silicon Team" has been created. It is understood that the company is optimizing Windows 12 for ARM silicon. 

These rumored developments all come together with the looming Windows 12 release, which is supposed to feature ARM silicon optimization to take advantage of the AI capabilities that Microsoft has been pushing out via its faulty Edge browser and Bing search engine. 

Is Microsoft working on its own silicon? 

The rumors of Microsoft working on its own silicon started based on job listings that were posted and then taken down by the tech giant. The position was described as "positions related to custom silicon accelerators, System on Chips (SoCs), and high-performance, high-bandwidth designs," which suggests that Microsoft is working on building its ARM-based chipsets to take a swing at Apple. 

A previous job listing stated that the Microsoft Silicon Team sought a principal System on Chip Architect. So there you go, that pretty much says it all. According to documents viewed by our friends at Windows Latest, an engineer would be tasked with creating the SOC. 

Microsoft is trying to build its ARM-based silicon to challenge Apple's M series as it prepares to build out and release Windows 12, which is challenging enough, but they seem to be moving full steam ahead. In truth, this seems like a daunting task that may prove to be a massive error on Microsoft's point. It took Apple years to develop its silicon and build its OS to take full advantage of it. 

Also, I am wondering if Microsoft is turning its back on its longtime partners in the PC marketplace. Let's be honest; it's whispered in halls that Windows 11 has been an epic fail and a battery-devouring succubus that has empowered Apple's reach and growth.

Guess we will find out soon enough what Microsoft's plans are and what Windows's future will be.  

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