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Gamescom 2022: Hogwarts Legacy, Dead Island 2, Sonic Frontiers and more

Here's everything you missed at Gamescom Opening Night Live

Gamescom Opening Night Live
(Image: © Geoff Keighley)

Hogwarts Legacy, Sonic Frontiers, Dead Island 2, Outlast Trials, and The Callisto Protocol are just some of the games that made an appearance during Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022. 

While there were lots of popular games that got announced, my personal highlights are Lies of P, Where Winds Meet and Wyrdsong. Lies of P is an awesome looking Souls-like that meshes Victorian and steampunk technology into a nightmarish feast. Where Winds Meet is a visually unique third person action game with a potent use of color and breathtaking environments, while Wyrdsong is an upcoming game from development veterans the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series.


Gamescom Opening Night Live is starting now! Be sure to tune in on Twitch or YouTube to catch the show. We'll be updating this article with all of the reveals in case you can't make it.

First world premiere is a game from a brand new team called Everywhere. It seems to be a huge world that features third person shooting action and racing throughout tons of diverse environments.

A new game from Legendary, seemingly related to the Dune franchise, is being shown off now. It's titled Dune Awakening and it's an open world survival MMO.

The DualSense Edge Wireless Controller has been shown off, which is a pro controller version of the DualSense. Rumors have been circulating about this for quite a while, so it's not surprising that we've finally see it.

The Callisto Protocol is being shown off now with brand new gameplay. We see the player pull monsters in with some sort of gravity gun and toss them into a gyrating death machine. We also see a cutscene where the player gets shot down a water pipe and the player has to control themselves as they flow down it.

The Lords of the Fallen has been shown off, a sequel to Souls-inspired title Lords of the Fallen.

Moving Out 2 is being shown off now, with a release date set in 2023.

Hogwarts Legacy is showing off cutscene bits and sections of the world's environments, including a series of big spiders and monsters in dungeons.

New Tales from the Borderlands is being shown off now and is set to launch on October 21. We see the group is on a mission to find a vault of sorts with one of the party members being a robot.

Dying Light 2

(Image credit: Techland)

Dying Light 2 is receiving a new DLC that takes players through an arena-esque journey, Bloody Ties will be arena-based experience.

Tortuga, a pirate based strategy game, was briefly shown off.

Marauders, a game with ancient war weapons being utilized in space.

Destiny 2

(Image credit: Bungie)

Destiny 2: Lightfall has been shown off, giving us a first look at its fantastic neon environments and some hints towards new abilities, including some sort of green ethereal whipping weapon.

Sonic Frontiers is being shown off now, the open-world third-person Sonic game that will take our favorite blue hedgehog through tons of vast environments, through grassy lands, huge deserts, bizarre modern cities and more.

Under the Waves, a new game from Parallel Studio and Quantic Dream, is coming next year. It's a narrative, emotional experience about scuba diving.

Gameplay footage of Goat Simulator shows tons of costumes, a ridiculous little town that requires much griefing, drivable vehicles, jetpacks, different types of animals, and way more. It looks absolutely chaotic and like a total trip. November 17 2022 is when it's coming out.

Return to Monkey Island is coming September 19. We got a little narration from Stan from the marketing department, who showcased the environments of the game and what to expect from it. Best of all, free horse armor with pre-order.

Developers of Subnautica are revealing a new game, Moonbreaker. It's a board game turn-based action game where the player's figures don't have full animations and instead move about in goofy ways. Brandon Sanderson is involved, which is absolutely mind blowing considering his reputation for the Stormlight Archives. Early access begins on September 29.

A bunch of animals are using cards to beat the absolute crap out of each other. It's called Friends vs. Friends and is a first person shooter.

Lies of P is being shown off now, the new Souls-like taking place in a world that spins the Pinnochio story into something far darker. We see the main character go through a terrifying Steampunk world with tons of inspiration from Bloodborne. 

A science-fiction game where a space ship crashes on a mysterious planet. We see tons of curious animals, giant meteors crashing into a world. It's called Stranded: Alien Dawn. It's coming October 2022.

The world is seemingly in collapse and we see people have the magic to control certain aspects of the environment. Sandy deserts and a society in a post-mortem world. It was a CGI trailer, but it's called Atlas Fallen and is coming 2023.

Homeworld 3 is being shown off, a huge real-time strategy game set in space. This is a classic franchise and tons of fans are absolutely ecstatic to finally get it.

Genshin Impact 3.0 is being shown off now. We're seeing some new environments and new characters.

Honkai: Star Rail is a new game from the same developers as Genshin Impact. It features a train flying throughout space and we got a very quick peek at the story.

High on Life is being shown off, with guns that speak to you in the middle of a bossfight. We see the player grappling across the map as their knife screams a ton of profanities at the boss.

Focus Entertainment's salvaging simulator where players can tether cargo. Hardspace Shipbreaker is coming this September.

Telltale's The Expanse finally got its first big trailer, showcasing much of what we can expect from the zero-g gameplay.

Killer Klowns From Outer Space is getting a movie-tie in game with a early access that begins in 2023.

Scars Above is a third person shooter sci-fi game that is coming soon. It looks kinda Returnal-esque, with more focus on a direct narrative rather than cryptic storytelling.

From industry veterans behind Fallout: New Vegas and Skyrim is a new RPG called Wyrdsong. It's definitely impressive what they showed off from a visual perspective, but we didn't get to see any gameplay. 

Age of Empires IV is showing off a new updated called Ottomans and Malians coming October 25.

Gotham Knights is coming this October and we were shown off some new details on the story. We got a look at Harley Quinn's return, along with Mr. Freeze and tons of other enemies. 

Where Winds Meet is an open-world RPG from a new studio. It seems to be set in China and features a lot intense close-combat third-person combat. The lingering shots are incredibly alluring and I love the cutscene direction.

Hideo Kojima has been revealed in the show. Of course, we love seeing Kojima so this is a golden moment. He seems to be advertising his podcast that will be there on September 8.

A new amusement park simulator with tons of ridiculous attractions, including flying cars and bouncy platforms that send cars in other directions. The park seems ultra-customizable and is coming soon. It's called Park Beyond.

Pokemon Car

(Image credit: The Pokemon Car)

A Pokemon car? I'm not really sure what to say here... but it's a Pokemon car. It allows you to interact with the car through games. It's an electric car and Pikachu is an electric type so it's apparently a good match. 

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide is being shown off. We're seeing the intense four-player co-op gameplay in action and the environments look absolutely sick. It's coming November 30.


(Image credit: Focus Home)

An indie game where player's explore a mythical world in first person. Utilize witchcraft to fight monsters and survive a curious world. Blacktail is available this winter.

Phantom Hellcat can be wishlisted now. It's a third person action game with sword-based combat.

Crossfire X is receiving its "biggest content update" yet is coming to August 23.

Dorfromantik is coming to Nintendo Switch on September 29.

Outlast Trials shows us an intense, mysterious set of jarring areas that take us through a circus-like set of environments in a ridiculous co-op horror game. Closed Beta begins October 28-November 1.

New game from Battlefield developers in Stockholm Sweden. Game is called The Finals and focuses on environmental destruction.

Dead Island 2 was given a CGI trailer where we see our protagonist beat the absolute heck out of a series of zombies. We got treated to some Dead Island 2 gameplay, which showcased ridiculous gory action through LA. It's coming February 3.