iPhone 15 Pro may ditch the mute switch — here's the new button it's getting

iPhone 14 Pro mute switch
(Image credit: Laptop Mag)

According to a report released earlier today by Phone Arena, leaked images and video of a case for the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro Max show a new cutout where the Mute Switch used to be. According to rumors, the new cutout will be for an "Action button," allowing users to pre-select an action that will happen when the new button is pressed. 

Per the report, the actions could cover turning the flashlight on and off, enabling do not disturb, silencing the ringer, taking screenshots, or showing and locking the Home Screen. 

I guess the options will be endless, as Apple will allow users to choose what works best for them and how to use the new "Action button." Sure many of these options are already available via the Apple back tap setup that we've shown you as a great method to quick launch your iPhone camera, but why not make it even easier? The other noted difference of the new case was it was thicker, specifically in the camera area.  

Will there be a panic?

We saw what happened when OnePlus removed its beloved slider, there could be blowback from users who love and feel they can't live without the mute switch. I count myself among them, I'm not sold on the "Action Button" concept, but I don't make decisions for Apple.

The Chinese site Weibo shared photos relayed by MacRumors of several cases that were supposedly designed for the iPhone 15. The images reveal that the volume and power buttons have shifted to a lower position than we're used to seeing on the iPhone 14. Also, the cutout for the upcoming change to the USB-Type C port is more giant. Apple's long-running Lightning Port is being retired thanks to lawsuits with the EU and the company being forced to give in. 

Apple's latest iteration of the iPhone should launch in September, and supposedly, the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus will use the same A16 Bionic chipset available in the 14. However, the 15 Pro and Pro Max versions will come with TSMC's latest 3nm process A17 chipset, with the latter also allegedly in line for a significant camera upgrade that could explain the beefier case design. 

I guess we will find out for sure what's coming in September. Till then, we will continue to chase down leaks and news to share with you. I am more excited about a new 3nm M3 MacBook Air.

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