iPhone 13 Pro leak sparks debate — is it Rose Gold or deep purple?

Renders based on alleged leaked iPhone 13 specs and features
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An iPhone 13 Pro leak is sparking a contentious social media debate à la "the dress" and "Yanni or Laurel." Twitter user @MajinBuOfficial posted a photo of the next-generation iPhone, claiming they have their hands on a Rose Gold model. However, some Twitter folks (and a BGR writer) believe that it has more of a purple-ish hue.

The leaked photos' poor lighting is the culprit behind the divide. It's also worth noting that a bean spiller from a South Korean message board alleged that Apple will release the iPhone 13 in four colors: Black, Silver, Rose Gold and Sunset Gold. 

Majin Bu explained that the leaked model they have in their possession could be a next-gen iPhone unit, but there's also a chance that it's a discarded prototype. Hawk-eyed Twitter commenters pointed out that the device matches the design description from iPhone 13 leaks (the larger camera bump). Although it looks like an iPhone 13 Pro, we won't know for sure until we hear it from the horse's mouth.

iPhone 13 Pro leak shows off Rose Gold model — or is it purple?

One Twitter poster said that the leaked iPhone 13 Pro looked too similar to Samsung's Mystic Bronze. "My graphite 12 pro looks identical in similar lighting," Ross Raboine chimed in. Another questioned whether it's Rose Gold mixed with purple. In response, Majin Bu said, "It was introduced to me as Rose Gold, but I don’t know."

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I asked my colleagues for their opinions on the leaked iPhone 13 Pro hue. They agreed that the lighting made it difficult to perceive the device's true color, but like Twitter, they, too, spouted out a wide range of colors, from blush pink and metallic cherry-brown to ochre and mauve.

One co-worker simply called it "ugly."

My theory is that this alleged iPhone 13 Pro is, indeed, the Rose Gold color that Apple is rumored to roll out in September. However, the dark shadow cast on the leaked photo makes it appear a tinge darker than the existing Rose Gold Apple products on the market — hence the claims that it emanates a purple-ish hue.

It's a shame that the breathtaking, highly praised Pacific Blue featured on the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will likely not make a comeback this year, but I look forward to watching Apple's official iPhone 13 event to see if the Rose Gold rumors are true.

iphone 12 pro

Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro (Image credit: Future)

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