iOS 16.4 to bring faster 5G speeds to your iPhone soon — here's how

iPhone 14
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The new iOS 16.4 update is expected to roll out soon, but ahead of its release, we're already hearing rumors about highly anticipated features, including support for standalone 5G (a network deployment model that should boost 5G performance for users).

Unfortunately, not every iPhone user will benefit from this 5G enhancement. T-Mobile is the only US carrier that supports standalone 5G, according to French tech outlet Consomac.

iOS 16.4 will reportedly support standalone 5G

There are two 5G deployment models: non-standalone and standalone. The former broadcasts 5G signals using the existing 4G LTE network. The latter, on the other hand, is a dedicated 5G infrastructure built from scratch; all equipment, and their specs, are built with 5G in mind.

According to T-Mobile, standalone 5G is the "future of wireless connectivity" and delivers a new level of performance, including zippier speeds, improved response times, and lower latency. You can also expect wider coverage and better stability.

Standalone 5G can deliver ultra-fast speeds up to 3Gbps. Currently, owners of the Samsung Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+ or Galaxy S23 Ultra can take advantage of standalone 5G, but as mentioned out the outset, iPhone users are next.

Brazilian carrier Claro spilled the beans to MacMagazine that it's been working with Apple to enable standalone 5G for iPhone owners. You may be wondering, "Which iPhones will get this turbo-charged 5G support?" According to 9to5Mac, although standalone 5G works with all 5G-enabled devices, only iPhone 14 users are seeing the option in the current iOS 16.4 beta.

Apple's been hush-hush about the release of iOS 16.4, but Claro revealed that it's expected to hit iPhones later this month.

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