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Google's new Stack app will help you stay organized: How it works

Google Stack App
(Image credit: Google)

Google released the new Stack app, and it has some very useful scanning and organization functions you may find helpful. With the ability to scan, organize and store your important documents, Google's new Stack app was developed by its area 120 division, the same unit behind Googles Reply and Grasshopper applications. 

Stack uses AI to scan important documents such as receipts and bills using a smartphone camera. Stack then uses Google's language recognition and optical recognition capabilities to suggest categories to help organize and properly file your documents. The categories are referred to as Stacks, hence the app's name. 

The Stack app can extract other important details from your documents, like bill totals, bill due dates, and account numbers. The feature makes it easier to copy than past information to other applications you may use to calculate your bills or share information in emails or messaging applications. 

Stack can be secured using your phone's fingerprint or facial recognition capabilities and also allows you to save your documents to your Google Drive. At the moment, Stack is only available in the US, and Google has not said when it will be available elsewhere. At the moment, Stack is an experimental application, and Google has not stated how long it will be supporting the app or what the company's plans are for it. However, if you wish to try it out, it's currently available on the Google Play Store.