Free AI tool transforms your ugly sketches into masterpieces — here's what it did with a doodle of my boss

Stable Doodle outcome
(Image credit: Future/Stable Doodle)

Image generation tech such as Open AI's DALL-E and Adobe's Firefly has captivated the artificial intelligence (AI) community, but there's one more tool that is set to cause another seismic shakeup. 

Say hello to Stability's Stable Doodle, a new AI-based tool that turns your rough sketches into masterpieces.

Most AI image generators require users to feed it a text prompt before spitting out a picture or two, but Stable Doodle kicks it up a notch, allowing you to input a rudimentary drawing before presenting you a far more sophisticated image.

When I read about Stable Doodle from Fast Company, I couldn't wait to put it to the test myself. Watch this incredible tool transform my sketch of Laptop Mag Editor-in-Chief Sherri L Smith into a masterpiece fit for your living room wall.

How to use Stable Doodle

1. I quickly sketched one of my favorite pictures of Sherri in the empty drawing field over at Stable Doodle.

Doodle of Sherri L. Smith

Doodle of Sherri L. Smith (Image credit: Future)

2. Feel free to make use of the tools at your disposal. On the upper left corner, you'll find the eraser button that I frequently used whenever I made wayward marks. (Hey, you try drawing with a laptop trackpad.) The undo and redo buttons on right were handy, too.

3. Next, in the "Enter a prompt" field, I told Stable Doodle who the doodle featured and prompted it to transform my drawing into a poster for an action film. This is exactly what I typed: 

This is a doddle of my boss Sherri, a woman of color, sporting a pair of red headphones, cute dimples, and a cool looking bun. Can you turn this image into a 3D style action movie poster?

4. I clicked on Generate and here are the four images it came up with:

Stable Doodle drawings

Stable Doodle drawings (Image credit: Future/Stable Doodle)

5. You'll then be prompted to select the image you prefer. In my case, I loved the photo on the bottom left the most. (The background is eye-catching!) You can then download it for free, but it will be stamped with a with a watermark.

Stable Doodle drawings

Stable Doodle outcome (Image credit: Future/Stable Doodle)

According to Fast Company, Stable Doodle isn't just limited to rolling out illustration styles. It can also render origami designs, fantasy art, cinematic vibes, and more. It also isn't the first AI generator to launch a sketch-to-image tool, but it's certainly the most advanced.

Curious about what powers Stable Doodle? There are two engines that underpin this tool. Stable Diffusion XL, a model Stability developed that creates descriptive images from prompts, and T2I-Adapter, an algorithm developed by the Advanced Research Center of Tencent (the parent company of WeChat) that polishes AI image generators by helping them "understand" users' instructions more accurately, delivering more realistic, spot-on images.

Check out Stable Doodle yourself and transform some of your ugliest sketches into striking masterpieces here.

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Kimberly Gedeon

Kimberly Gedeon, holding a Master's degree in International Journalism, launched her career as a journalist for MadameNoire's business beat in 2013. She loved translating stuffy stories about the economy, personal finance and investing into digestible, easy-to-understand, entertaining stories for young women of color. During her time on the business beat, she discovered her passion for tech as she dove into articles about tech entrepreneurship, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and the latest tablets. After eight years of freelancing, dabbling in a myriad of beats, she's finally found a home at Laptop Mag that accepts her as the crypto-addicted, virtual reality-loving, investing-focused, tech-fascinated nerd she is. Woot!