Apple’s Safari Nearly Triples Traffic of Android’s Browser

Apple’s Safari is the most widely used Internet browser among mobile devices, a new study has shown. According to statistics from Net Marketshare, Apple’s Web browser accounted for 61.79 percent of all Internet traffic from mobile devices during the month of March.

This marks a significant jump from the 55.41 percent Apple's browser snagged the previous month, and it looks like Safari won’t be losing its lead anytime soon. Android’s stock browser, which is the runner-up to Safari, comprised 21.86 of Internet traffic among tablets and smartphones during the same period. The third most widely used Web browser is pera Mini at 8.4 percent, and Google Chrome comes in fourth at 2.43 percent.

There is some good news for Google--at least on the desktop. According to data from StatCounter, Chrome accounted for nearly 40 percent of Web traffic during the month of March, while Safari lingered near the bottom at just above 8 percent. 

Lisa Eadicicco
LAPTOP Staff Writer
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