Acer's got a new AI-powered e-bike! 5 cool things it can do

(Image credit: Acer)

Acer's known for unleashing some of the best laptops we've ever reviewed, including the mind-blowing Swift 5 that challenges the M2 MacBook Air's throne. To our surprise, however, the OEM is expanding its Midas touch to e-bikes!

Say hello to ebii, Acer's new AI-powered e-bike that's promises city dwellers a more seamless, enhanced and high-tech commute as they zoom from A to B. With AI powering this bad boy, let's take a look at some of its most intriguing selling points.

ebii ebike

ebii ebike (Image credit: Acer)

5 cool features that make ebii shine

1.ebii can adjust the motor input based on your pedaling power and current road conditions. To facilitate this feature, ebii uses an AI called "ebiiAsist," which can learn your riding style to deliver you a personalized experience. 

2. ebii can be paired ebiiGO. This companion app can give you information about recommended routes, battery life, riding speed, and more.


ebii (Image credit: Acer)

3. ebii gets powered up quickly. In just 2.5 hours, this AI-powered e-bike can get charged up to 100%. It's also worth noting that ebii's detachable battery doubles as a portable charger, so you can use it to power any laptop or phone you own.

ebii battery

ebii battery (Image credit: Acer)

4. Never lose your ebii. GPS positioning keeps you in the know of where your ebii is currently located.

5. ebii has autolock. Thanks to its wireless Bluetooth connection, it can autolock it when you leave it. It can also unlock it when you're nearby.

ebii app

(Image credit: Acer)

Ensuring riders' safety, ebii will send you an immediate alert if someone tries to snatch your e-bike. It also has collision detection, alerting you if there are oncoming cars (or other objects) that you should watch out for.

Acer claims that ebii has a maximum assist speed of 16 miles per hour and can reach up to 68 miles on a single charge. The laptop maker didn't dive into details about ebii's launch date nor pricing, but to sign up for email alerts, click here.

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