This latest Windows 11 update bug may finally convince me to switch to Linux

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Last week, Microsoft confirmed a major issue with an optional Windows 11 version 23H2 update (KB5039302): the dreaded reboot loop.

According to Microsoft, "Affected systems might restart repeatedly and require recovery operations in order to restore normal use." 

Wonderful, right? 

Thankfully, the issue was "more likely to affect devices using virtual machines tools," which essentially allows you to run another OS within your current Windows 11 OS.

Devices affected by the KB5039302 update get stuck in a reboot loop, which is when your PC fails to fully start, reboots, fails to start again, reboots, and continues the cycle with no end in sight. 

While there are a few troubleshooting tactics you can try to fix a boot loop, people often default to cutting power to the PC, which can possibly corrupt your files or damage your computer parts. All in all, no bueno. 

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Microsoft realized the issue was so severe that the KB5039302 update was paused immediately on June 26 and only resumed on June 28 for devices that weren't likely to be affected. 

Regarding the next steps for those who use virtualization tools, Microsoft writes, "We are working on a resolution and will provide an update in an upcoming release."

Another popped up when Microsoft temporarily fixed one issue with the KB5039302 update. Microsoft details the bug: "Taskbar might not load after installing the June 2024 preview update."

Supposedly, this bug is "only expected to occur if you are using a Windows N edition device or if you turn off the 'Media Features' via Control Panel," but the vague language suggests the issue could be affecting more people than Microsoft knows about. There's no fix for this issue, but Microsoft is "working on a resolution."

After yet another Windows 11 update was released before it was stable, and my recent qualms with Windows, I think Linux might be my OSr.

Windows is out, Linux is in — at least, for me

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My desktop PC is currently equipped with Windows 11, but it's been trying me. 

Similarly to those affected by the KB5039032 update, my PC is having issues restarting. It won't get stuck in a boot loop, but it fails to properly shut down until I manually cut the power. As I explained above, this isn't a great move, but it's the only one I have.

My PC often won't turn on until I've cut the power and waited for a few seconds. Because I was having other issues, like my CPU fan randomly turning off while using my PC, I uninstalled and reinstalled Windows (after troubleshooting my PC components, of course) — and like magic, my issues disappeared.

At least, for a few weeks... until I installed a recent Windows update. And now, I'm having the same issues all over again.

Hearing that multiple devices got stuck in a boot loop after a prematurely released Windows 11 update has me convinced that maybe my relationship with Windows — at least on my desktop PC — is over.

After seeing so many friends experiment with and love their Linux-based OS and these tumultuous Windows updates, I'm finally ready to give it a try. I know that switching to Linux isn't as scary as it seems, but I haven't made the jump because I'm comfortable with Windows. Not anymore, I say. Not anymore.