A leaked memo reveals Google's 7 goals for 2024

A leaked memo reveals Google's 7 goals for 2024
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As reported in Verge and aided by the lists released by Android Police, Google's internal roadmap for 2024 unexpectedly went public, revealing CEO Sundar Pichai's seven key objectives for the year. The leaked memo offers a fascinating glimpse into the tech giant's strategic thinking. 

As expected, artificial intelligence remains at the forefront. Google's unwavering belief in AI's transformative potential drives its continued investment in pushing technological boundaries and shaping various industries. Growth, another key focus, underscores Google's ambition to solidify its position as a tech titan, expanding its reach even amidst recent layoffs. This pursuit of growth reflects the dynamic nature of the industry and Google's relentless drive for innovation.

Beyond these familiar priorities, the memo reveals intriguing shifts. Pichai's commitment to "sustainable computing" signifies a crucial step towards minimizing Google's environmental footprint and aligning with broader societal concerns. Additionally, "empowering creators" emerges as a significant focus, potentially hinting at a more collaborative and content creator-centric ecosystem within Google.

While the leaked memo offers limited specifics, it paints a picture of a company determined to maintain its technological edge, expand its reach, and navigate the evolving landscape with both ambition and responsibility. As Google embarks on its 2024 journey, these outlined goals provide a clear direction for its path ahead.

The List

  • Deliver the world’s most advanced, safe, and responsible Al. 
  • Improve knowledge, learning, creativity, and productivity. 
  • Build the most helpful personal computing platforms and devices. 
  • Enable organizations and developers to innovate on Google Cloud. 
  • Provide the world’s most trusted products and platforms. 
  • Build a Google that’s extraordinary for Googlers and the world. 
  • Improve company velocity, efficiency, and productivity, and deliver durable cost savings.

Although this list appears to be postive and proactive, Google's roadmap for 2024 took an unexpected detour this week, with this list leaking online just as the tech giant navigates another round of job cuts. This isn't a one-off bump in the road – almost a year after trimming 12,000 employees in 2023, Google's been shedding staff again in recent weeks, impacting teams like hardware, AR, and ad sales. The exact number remains under wraps, but it's likely in the thousands.

Adding fuel to the fire, CEO Sundar Pichai warned employees to expect more cuts throughout the year. This, understandably, clashes with one of his stated goals for 2024: "build a Google that's extraordinary for Googlers." Current and former employees haven't exactly embraced this vision, voicing their criticism.

On the flip side, another goal – "be bold and take bets" – seems ironically aligned with the ongoing layoffs. It's a high-stakes gamble, and while Google might be placing its chips on strategic shifts, many employees feel like they're the ones at risk on the roulette wheel.

So, what does this leak reveal? A company at a crossroads, juggling ambitious goals with a workforce facing uncertainty. Whether Google can reconcile these seemingly contradictory paths remains to be seen, but one thing's clear: 2024 promises to be a pivotal year for the tech giant and its employees alike.

Google's AI focus impact

Google's 2024 playbook seems laser-focused on one thing: getting Google's AI into every gadget it can find. While Samsung's new S24 and S24 Ultra Galaxy phones boast fancy AI features powered by Google's magic dust, Pichai's got even bigger plans for his Gemini models and chatty chatbot Bard. Basically, expect your devices to get a whole lot smarter (or creepier, depending on your perspective) in the coming year.

The rest of Google's goals are the usual corporate mumbo jumbo – new products, bigger profits, yawn. But with layoffs swirling like dust bunnies under desks, it'll be interesting to see if Googlers embrace these lofty ambitions or stage a droid uprising. Buckle up, folks. 2024 at Google promises to be either revolutionary or dystopian, depending on which AI model or business practice wins what appears to be an internal power struggle.

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