Palworld modders offer hilarious 'legally-distinct' response to Nintendo takedowns

Legally-Distinct Pocket Creatures Mod Pack for Palworld, who's that Pokemon parody image
(Image credit: Laptop Mag / Rael Hornby)

Pocket Pair's "Palworld" might be in the clear when it comes to facing the wrath of The Pokemon Company's (and by Proxy, Nintendo's) legal team when it comes to its critter collector survival game. But, modders of the game haven't been so lucky after a Pokemon conversion mod drummed up considerable hype online.

After a series of take-downs, it would appear the modder behind the original Pokemon mod for "Palworld" is ready to back off and play ball. But not without taking a few jabs in The Pokemon Company's general direction first.

After having both his original "Palworld/Pokemon" mod teaser on Twitter/X and a 16-minute mod showcase video pulled from the net by Nintendo's legal team, YouTuber ToastedShoes has returned to showcase an all-new mod. An all-new 'legally-distinct' mod that thumbs its nose at Nintendo's litigation in the best possible way: parody and satire.

Palworld's Legally-Distinct Pocket Creatures Mod Pack screenshot of Yellow Rat

Look, it's Yellow Rat! My favorite Pokemon Legally-Distinct Pocket Creature. (Image credit: Irastris Kboy GeorgeChief Bleedn / Palworld)

Welcome to "Legally-Distinct Pocket Creatures" — the latest mod from Irastris Kboy GeorgeChief Bleedn for "Palworld," featuring a host of 'legally-distinct-and-absolutely-not-referential' collectible critters to enhance the "Palworld" experience.

All your future favorites are here, including 'Yellow Rat,' 'Fire fox,' 'Braided sheep,' and 'Potted Onion.' All are legally distinct and not based on or owned by, as the creator of the mod puts it, "an Italian plumber."

Better still, this mod is available to download at NexusMods, seemingly giving the mod the legally distinct thumbs up after the site previously refused to host Pokemon mod content out of legal fears.


ToastedShoes recently posted a video of himself enjoying the mod, which features his likeness as the main character, in a clear tongue-in-cheek response to Nintendo's legal challenges.

These Dollar Store digital duplicates aren't exactly going to set the modding world alight any time soon. However, as forms of protest go, this one isn't all that bad. Highlighting the over-zealous legal trigger finger of Nintendo, while reminding everybody that it's just a rat, bro.

The "Legally-Distinct Pocket Creatures Mod Pack" appears to arrive as a direct result of thinly veiled legal warnings in a public statement recently made by The Pokemon Company after the online buzz surrounding ToastedShoes' Pokemon mod for "Palworld" began to grow.

The fate of ToastedShoes' original Pokemon-themed mod is as of yet unknown, with the YouTuber currently pulling back on his original plans to make the mod free to all.

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