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PS5 upgrades coming! Expandable storage to arrive in mid-2021

(Image credit: Sony PlayStation)

Sony's PS5 is finally expected to support expanded SSD storage with a firmware update coming this summer, and the new feature will reportedly come with a boost in fan speeds as well.

The software update will activate the PS5's M.2 SSD expansion slot, according to a report on Bloomberg, which hasn't seen any use since the console's launch. The update will also increase the PS5's fan speeds, presumably to cool off the console's lightning-fast SSD when working with a compatible drive. 

Currently, both the PS5 Digital Edition and standard disc model have an 825GB SSD installed, although only 667GB is usable. Recently, Activision claimed that a standard 500GB PS4 may not be able to fit Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, and that's not too far off the PS5's available space.

As for the external SSDs available that can handle the PS5's internal drive, they will need a PCIe 4.0 interface and at least 5.5GB/s transfer speeds, according to Tom's Hardware.

If the firmware update does come through this summer as the report claims, those lucky enough to have nabbed a PS5 won't simply be able to plug in the external SSD and play (as you can do on the Xbox Series X). Instead, users will need to remove the PS5's cover to access the M.2 SSD storage expansion slot.

While the PS5's internal SSD is one of its main selling points, the console's quiet fan speeds are a plus, too. Hopefully, the software update won't make them as loud as those on the PS4.