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Microsoft Exchange email servers can now be protected with new one-click tool — here's how

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After being hit by several malicious hacker groups over the past few weeks, Microsoft's Security Response Centre has issued a quick fix for businesses using both current and out-of-support versions of the on-premises Microsoft Exchange server.

Microsoft has released a new one-click mitigation tool to help protect Exchange email servers from the ongoing ransomware cyberattacks. 

Microsoft Exchange Mitigation Tool

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A recent Microsoft blog post spotted by TechRadar explains that the Microsoft Exchange On-Premises Mitigation Tool has been issued for those who do not have dedicated security or IT teams to apply the patch, making it easy for them to quickly apply the Exchange security update. The tool works across Exchange Server 2013, 2016, and 2019.

"This tool is not a replacement for the Exchange security update but is the fastest and easiest way to mitigate the highest risks to internet-connected, on-premises Exchange Servers prior to patching," Microsoft states.

The one-click security update also includes the latest Microsoft Safety Scanner. The patch is a needed fix to the recent ransomware attacks known as "DearCry," coming after the global cyberattack hit more than 60,000 small businesses, towns, cities and local government's servers.

Last week, the number of hacking groups exploiting the vulnerabilities had increased, with 10 hacking groups suspected of using the exploits to target companies in 115 different countries.

With the potential of high-risk attacks, it's best to download the tool right now, which you can find on Microsoft's blog. Of course, if you're always looking to be safe while surfing through the wild web, these best VPN services will back you up.