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How to Dislike on Facebook Messenger

Facebook fans may have to wait quite some time before they can begin “disliking” status updates from friends, but the social media giant has rolled out the next best thing. Facebook now offers an updated set of stickers for its mobile and desktop Messenger that includes a dislike icon. For those times when words can’t quite express your disapproval, here’s how to insert dislike stickers in your Facebook messages.

1. Launch the Stickers menu by pressing the smiley icon in the bottom right corner of your Facebook message.

2. Click the shopping cart icon on the righthand side to browse the Facebook Sticker Store.

3. Press the green Free button to install the Likes folder in your Facebook instant messenger. This folder includes the Dislike button.

4. Head back to your Stickers menu and navigate to the Likes tab. Select the thumbs-down icon in the first row to insert the Dislike sticker in your message.