You Be the Judge: iPod touch vs. iPhone 4 HD Video Shootout

One of the highlight features of the new iPod touch, which we just reviewed, is its ability to record 720p video, just like the iPhone 4. But as it turns out, not all HD sensors are created equal. Although both the iPod touch and iPhone 4 capture in the same resolution and have backside illuminated sensors, we found that the iPhone 4 recorded brighter images both indoors and out. We also found the footage to be slightly crisper.

Don't get us wrong. The iPod touch shoots the best quality clips we've ever seen from a portable media player, especially one so slim. It could easily stand in for a pocket camcorder. But if you look at the footage below we shot by side with both gadgets, especially at full screen, you'll see the difference.

What do you think of the results? Check out the videos below and sound off in the comments.

Videos Shot Outdoors

iPod touch


iPhone 4


Videos Shot Indoors

iPod touch


iPhone 4


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