Windows 7 Running On An Old Tablet

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Seems like a lot of people are having fun putting Windows 7 to the test on netbooks, but Rob over at GottaBeMobile went a step further -- he's got Windows 7 running on a 3 year-old Tablet PC:  "Motion Computing’s three year-old LS800 Tablet PC running a 1.2 ghz Intel Pentium M processor, Intel 915GMS chipset, 1 gb of RAM, and a 1.8” 30 gb 4800 RPM hard drive. ... This was a clean Windows 7 install (no upgrade) and the harddrive was freshly formatted. " Check out their video to see how smoothly the OS runs. If the pre-beta Windows 7 continues to prove itself on netbooks and other low memory/CPU machines, Microsoft may succeed in getting people to forget the word "Vista" and to move past XP.
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  • Krzys Says:

    I have made a similiar test on my HP TC1100, 1GHz (2GB RAM). The system runs smoothly, impressively so - perhaps even better than the original XP Tablet Edition. Only that there is no "tablet edition" anymore: the Qmenu is gone, the display-flipping is gone, journal, sketchpad, all those goodies are gone. Some of the devices provided on an original Compaq/HP driver cd will actually install, but they won't run. Luckily, all the vital drivers do install. Well, except one - I actually never located it. Altogether, nice try - but I'll probably return to XP. Easy to be done, just have to swap the HDDs. :-)

  • Éric Bouchard Says:

    Windows seven 7100 in lenovo x60 tablet I try to open windows journal but a got a box said windows journal can't open because a encrage error and the composant could'nt open

    Thanks for your help

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