Viliv N5 Mobile Internet Device with Intel Atom CPU is Coming Soon

The Viliv N5 may be drastically smaller than the X10 that sparked all sorts of buzz at Computex this week, but it's shipping to the market sooner, so on that front, it wins.

A Windows 7  mobile internet device that looks like a micro-sized netbook and packs an Intel Atom processor to match, the Viliv N5 debuted at CES earlier this year (where we captured it on video) and has now achieved "coming soon" status. To stoke excitement Viliv unveiled an eye-candy list of definite specs and features.

We're happy that the device looks good after a five-month separation. It still pairs that 4.8-inch resistive-touch display capable of 720p HD video playback with a clamshell QWERTY keyboard and weighs a very mobile .85 of a pound. And in addition to the 1.33 Intel Atom processor, a 32GB SSD and, a front-facing webcam, it also comes with HSPA-based mobile broadband, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity as well.

Viliv rates battery life of the N5 at 4 hours for video, 6 hours general use, and 150 hours standby time. That's decidedly modest for a manufacturer estimate, so we're hoping those numbers are dead on-the-money.

No word on price points or a hard-set availability date yet, but we'll be keeping an eye out for sure. You can keep that same eye open by checking out more details at Viliv's site.

Via Viliv

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