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Twitter Replaces 'You Both Follow' With 'Connections'

Wish you could see what followers and followings you have in common with other Twitter users? Twitter has finally pushed a new section onto its site that does just that! Previously you would’ve gotten some of this information through the “you both follow” section in the Twitter sidebar. Now it’s gone and replaced with “Connections”, which we have to say is much better.

To see the new changes simply head to another person’s profile. Beneathe their Twitter stats should be a Connections box. Here you’ll find the scoop on friends that you both follow and friends you have that are following them too.

The results will seem redundant if you and your friends run in the same circles. Refreshing the page won’t change the results either. So you’re stuck with what you see until follow (or unfollow) more people. What do you think of the changes? Will you give it a second glance?

via Mashable