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Twitter Launches #Music for iPhone

It looks like the rumors of a Twitter-based music service were true, as the social media giant has announced its new Twitter #music app. Available for iOS or via, the service will scour Twitter activity to find tweets, mentions, user engagement and more to find music that's popular among the Twittersphere. That music is then pulled into the app, and made available for listening. For now the desktop version is still listed as "coming soon," and the app isn't easily searchable in the App Store. But, it is downloadable if you Google it.

From the social side, users can follow their favorite artists' Twitter activity and view their profiles. You'll also be able to tweet songs from the app.

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Say, for example, you want to listen to some of Jay-Z's favorite tunes. You'll search for Jay-Z from within the app and select something he's been listening to, or press the play button to listen to all of his listed musicians. If you want to hear the songs the rest of the Twitterverse has tweeted about, you can navigate to #NowPlaying and peruse the available tracks.

Twitter says songs for #music come from three sources including iTunes, Rdio and Spotify. By default, users will only be able to hear a sample of a track when they sign up for the service. If, however, you're a Rdio or Spotify member, you'll be able to listen to any complete songs available through that service's entire catalog.  Twitter says it's working to add additional services in the future, though the company hasn't said what those services may be. 

Twitter #music is being rolled out today via the iTunes App store and the Web at