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You Can Haz: Change Your Twitter Language Setting To Lolcatz

You can set your Facebook language to "English (Pirate)" or "Leet Speak," but did you know Twitter can be set to Lolcatz? Based on the popular Internet meme, the Lolcatz vernacular is a mimicry of how humans think cats might speak using broken English. Words on your Twitter interface such as "More, " "Home" and "Who to Follow" will be replaced by "Moar," "Hum" and "Hoo 2 Follow" respectively. If this sounds like a hoot and a half to you, here's how to get more Lolcats in your lyfe, er, life.

1. Navigate to settings in your Twitter account by clicking the gear icon at the top right and selecting Settings.

2. Click the Language field. A list of available languages will drop down.

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3. Select Lolcat-LOLCATZ (beta).

4. Hit the blue Save Changes button at the bottom of the page. 

5. Enter your password to confirm changes.

And you're all set. Now you can haz all the Lolcats you want in Twitter.