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Twitter Brings Basic Photo Filters to Its Mobile Apps

Well, that didn’t take long. A single day after Instagram yanked the ability to view pictures directly inside of Twitter feeds, the 140-character-loving social network fired back with the introduction of photo filters of its own, several of which lend that amber, retro-tinged tone that Instagram is beloved (and sometimes scorned) for.

An update pushed to Twitter’s Android and iOS apps yesterday introduced the eight filters seen below, as well as new auto-enhancement and cropping tools. The filters have yet to hit the web client, however.

The photo effects are provided by, which also provides picture editing tools to Box, flickr, Twitpic, Walgreens, Rowi, and a host of other services.

Photos have been found to be an especially sticky, engagement-driving tool on social media; in other words, once you’ve invested the time in uploading, organizing, and sharing pictures through a particular service, you’re much more likely to stick with that service through the long haul. That social stickiness probably paid a large part in Facebook’s original decision to buy Instagram, Instagram’s decision to pull native Twitter viewing, and Twitter’s own decision to implement photo filters.