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Twitter App Now Officially Available For Windows 8

Microsoft has been ramping up its Windows Store slowly but surely, and on Thursday the company added Twitter to its selection of more than 40,000 apps. This is the first time Twitter’s official app has been made available on Microsoft’s newest OS, although the Windows Store has included Twitter clients such as MetroTwit in the past.

Twitter’s app for Windows 8 comes with features and tweaks catered specifically to the software. For example, Snap view allows users to open other apps alongside Twitter by “snapping” the window to the left or right of the screen. The Share charm feature enables tweeting from any app at any time by swiping in from the right edge of the screen. Naturally, Twitter’s app will appear as a Live Tile on the Windows 8 desktop and will send notifications no matter which app you’re currently running.

Twitter's arrival in the Windows Store is one of few major updates for the social app this week. On Wednesday Twitter added the ability to insert line breaks in tweets, meaning users no longer have to limit their tweets to one or two lines.  The site is also reportedly preparing its own standalone music app, following its recent acquisition of music service We Are Hunted, CNET reports.  

Last month Microsoft’s Windows Store surpassed the 40,000 app milestone after hitting the 100 million app download mark earlier this year. According to MetroStore Scanner, a site that unofficially tracks new additions to the Windows Store, Microsoft currently has 47,516 apps in its store.  

“We feel good about where we are with Windows 8 — and of course there is still much more to do,” Tami Reller, Microsoft’s chief marketing officer, wrote in a blog post last month.

Still, Apple’s iOS App Store boasts “hundreds of thousands” of mobile apps and its Mac App Store features thousands. Google’s Play store comes with 600,000 apps.