Toshiba mini NB505 Reviewed: Low-Cost Netbook with Long Battery Life

Though the netbook category is giving way to the onslaught of tablets, having the functionality of a notebook in a scaled-down package is still a considerable advantage. Case in point? The 10.1-inch Toshiba mini NB505. For $299, this netbook offers more than 7 hours of battery life (about an hour more than the category average) and a comfortable terraced keyboard. We were impressed with the audio quality Toshiba packed into this machine's 2.6 pounds; music and streamed videos could be heard from across our office.

If you're in the market for a budget netbook that will last long on a charge and provide enough power for word processing and other productivity tasks, the $299 Toshiba mini NB505 fits the bill, and it even adds a stylish burst of color with an EasyGrip finish available in multiple colors.

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LAPTOP Staff Writer