Top 10 Fake Celebrity Twitter Accounts

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Fake celebrity accounts are all the rage, filling Twitter with what have proved to be far more interesting than the real people themselves. We compiled a list of our current favorites. Tell us who you think we should have included in the comments below.

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  • Law Enforcement Says:

    On my Twitter page, someone started following me using @sSeanDiddyCombs and then direct messaged me. At first, the account looks legit and almost had me fooled until the person told me to send 50grand in cash to Moneygram to Teri Pearson of 260 N. 100 West in Payson, Utah 84651. I refused and they threatened to kill me. They swore they were music mogul, Sean Diddy Combs. They also told me that the money was for Hurricane Harvey victims and Bad Boy Entertainment artist, Carl Thomas. The person said Carl Thomas was safely with Teri Pearson. I reported this to Twitter. This account has been operating for quite some time and Twitter has not shut it down. When I complain about it, they suspend my account.

  • Jason Says:

    (Amar Kanwal, August 9, 1995) is a fake online celebrity. His current twitter account is @amaroffical. He's pretending to be an actor, model, music artist. He uses fake accounts to try and promote his fake profile.

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