THX's Tune-up App Optimizes your Home Theater Experience

Want to make sure your TV, receiver and speakers sound their best this Sunday? Now there's an app for that. THX just released its THX tune-up app which uses your iPhone or iPad to calibrate your screen and your stereo system. The app uses specifically designed test patterns, sounds and even a camera filter to ensure the your TV display and surround sound system is working to its fullest potential.

While the app would ideally be used in conjunction with an AirPlay set-up or a cable connecting your iPhone to your TV, the app will also work without any of these connections. In fact, THX says that the app will work with any equipment and will optimize your home theater set-up accordingly. It includes step-by-step directions and checks your TV via the iPhone's camera for correct aspect ratio, brightness, color, contrast and tint. It'll also confirm that your speakers are assigned correctly on your receiver and that the positive and negative terminals on the speakers are hooked up properly.

While it's not meant to perfectly calibrate your home theater system, THX tune-up will get it sounding and looking better than it did. Currently, the app is only available for iOS devices, but an Android version is due in the spring. 

In anticipation of Sunday's big sporting event, THX tune-up is free in the App Store through February 4th. After that, it'll set you back$1.99.

via Engadget