Sony VAIO X Series: Sleek, Slim, and Suave

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sony-vaio-x-seriesNot to be outdone by Nokia, Sony gave journalists a glimpse of their newest mini-notebook at IFA Berlin today: the Sony Vaio X Series. Fujio Nishida, head of Sony Europe, showed off the 11.1-inch black carbon fiber machine at its press conference. This ultraportable weighs only only 1.5 pounds (about a pound less than most netbooks) and measures less than half an inch thick. Plus, Sony promises built-in 3G wireless and an "all day and into the night" battery. Seems like Sony is trying to move in on the Booklet 3G's party. John Biggs at CrunchGear has some photos and additional details. Currently it's running on an Intel Atom chip with Windows 7. Engadget's Thomas Ricker reports that Atom isn't definitively going to be the processor and was only included in the display models so Sony could show them off. So far people are impressed with what they see. Engadget is gushing that the X Series is "so thin that it's dangerous" and "making us rethink the entire definition of thin as the word is applied to ultra-portable laptops." CrunchGear's John Biggs says it "looks amazingly cute and functional." Now I wish I was in Berlin. It's hard not to compare the VAIO X visually to the Vaio TT, but the X Series is decidedly netbook-like (I do notice they don't appear to be using that word, though) whereas the TT was all about cramming a whole laptop into an 11-inch chassis, optical drive and all. It's actually an update to the earlier X505 model Sony introduced in 2003. The Vaio X series has not been officially announced for the U.S., and so far we haven't seen a hint of a release date or price. But given the revealed specs and size, I'm looking forward to seeing this new Vaio face-off with the Nokia Booklet 3G. Photo Credit: CrunchGear
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  • GeeBee Says:

    Great looking demo unit at the local Sony store prompted me to order one directly from Sony because the store didn't have any for sale. Placed order on the 14th. Sony Style web site promised shipping on the 15th with delivery within 5 days. My credit card was charged on the 15th, too. Today is the 21st and my order is still in "processing". Sony sales support sent me a canned email with a sorry excuse of "great demand". No shipping date given!

    Don't buy this unless you want it for the 4th of July!

  • simon Says:

    ama sony fan and am proud that sony has made it again since 2004 with the 11" sony vaio x-series, but i just wish sony could make a 13" and 14" laptop that slim like the sony vaio x-series as well. i think sony will sell alot. any one would love that slim and would wish to own such a slim.

  • Fanfoot Says:

    If its going to be Sony pricing then it needs a CULV processor rather than an Atom to justify it. I assume they'll do that.

    The keyboard shown is simply unacceptable. Sorry, but you need to make the right shift key full sized and push the cursor controls down a half a row or whatever. If they don't fix this for the US I won't be considering this period.

    Otherwise, it looks quite sexy, and something I'll be looking at once Windows 7 ships.

  • Anthony Says:

    It's amazing to see a slim mini notebook and i want to test it... When can sony release it's product here in my country and i hope i would see it right now...?

  • KDragon5 Says:

    the keyboard *is* wrong - that's the Euro-spec model, which uses the taller, skinnier Enter button (among other changes...) if/when they make a US-spec model, it will have the standard enter key found on 99% of laptops sold in the US

  • samokhov Says:

    I dunno. The keyboard looks all wrong, and that's the first thing I look at. Not that Nokia did much better with Booklet but at leas they saved the right Shift.

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