OpenAppMkt Bypasses Apple's App Store, But Should You Care?

Despite Apple's claim that 95 percent of apps are submitted and approved within a week, the company's insistence on approving every iOS app has caused quite the controversy (the fact that Apple insists on dictating what tools developers can use is part of the issue too). Now, an app called OpenAppMkt is claiming to skirt Apple's restrictions. The HTML-based app provides a gateway for downloading other HTML apps, some of which are not available in the App store.

We scoured the marketplace and came to the conclusion that, well, there's nothing to see here. For every app you can't find in the App store (games called Card Flip and Pie Guy, to name two) there just as many that you can get the traditional way, such as YouTube, Google Voice, Google Mobile,, Mashable, The New Yorker, Kayak, Google Maps, and MapQuest. If getting legit apps the subversive way gets your rocks off, then by all means.

We say, wake us up when there's a larger, more unusual selection (or at least porn).